Three Tips from Sing to Say

There’s so much to do in the Sing to Say Foundations app! It’s full of music and opportunities for learning and fun. We know that children with autism can often sing what they cannot say, because music activates sections of the brain different from the spoken language centers. This can be very helpful in teaching language and fostering communication. We want to share three helpful hints to make your child’s play time extra-enjoyable.

  1. Your child is going to love playing in the Learn It section. We are always adding new word packs (and the terrific songs that come along with them). If they have a favourite song, try incorporating it into your everyday life. For instance, if your child likes the “School” song, be sure to sing it before you head out to school! The more you use the song, the more your child will associate the word and the meaning.

  2. Remember to use the Check It feature. It’s a great way to see that your child is learning and understanding the words they’re encountering. We monitor to see if the words have been learned and consolidated with meaning.

  3. Because music is such a great way to reach kids with communication challenges, try using it when you’re transitioning between activities. Sing about picking up toys, brushing teeth or getting ready for bed. Music makes everything go smoothly!

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