Play with the Minimops!

Have you seen the adorable hosts of Sing to Say Foundations? They’re the Minimops, a tiny band full of members that believe in having fun, enjoying music and trying new things out. The Minimops like to use music to express themselves and explore the world around them, and to encourage kids to do the same!

Now it’s time to meet the Minimops!

There’s Tina. She’s a singer and she’s super confident. She’s full of energy and her friends love her!

TinaSing To Say Foundations

Zach is a sensitive artist who likes to play the xylophone because it adds a splash of colour to the band!

ZachSing To Say Foundations

This is Leo. He’s a big fan of physical activity – dancing, soccer, anything with movement! He also loves to make music, anytime, anywhere!

LeoSing To Say Foundations

Meet Alia! She’s very smart and organized, and works hard to keep the band practicing and focused.

AliaSing To Say Foundations

Why do we use the Minimops to help teach words to kids? Because they’re fun, adorable, and engaging.

So those are the Minimops – does your child have a favorite?

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