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An Early Language Development Tool

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Sing to Say uses Music and Animation to help Children Learn Language

Our goal is to provide a path for early learners to learn words through music and improve comprehension and expression


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Create simple songs in Sing It

Repeat and review



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Sing to Say uses music to make words come alive!

Hosted by 4 animated characters to improve engagement and retention

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Children love to learn with Sing to Say!

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Why Music is important to early language development

Music and language are acquired in different parts of the brain.

Sing to Say uses music to bridge to the language centers.

Why does animation and play increase engagement?

  • Children are motivated by fun and fun is a motivator for learning.
  • Animation adds to the engagement experience and enhances learning.
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Tracking - Customize - Data ​


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The TRACK IT module provides feedback regarding the words a child is accessing and learning.

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Research - Prototype - Testing ​

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Sing to Say team conducted a year of research on the effects of music in learning language for children.

TESTING of the prototype with educators and therapists and children and parents.

What Parents are Saying

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(By Permission)

“It’s really remarkable the app with the music … completely embodies moving to the music, it taps into complicated pathways in his body. I know he’s physically engaged…. I can see it!” Charlie: grandfather to 3 ½ child with ASD and a diagnosed speech impairment

“I think this is quite amazing… Just the pictures and the music…I’ve never seen an app like this. For me this is wonderful.” …………….“I love it. I think it’s awesome. ……The core words are great.” ……I think is where this Sing to Say is phenomenal over something basic like a picture board.”   – Renee – parent to a 5-year old child with autism spectrum disorder who is nonverbal

For her (my daughter)this app is amazing… for “V” to go from nothing to this….really,  it’s huge strides. Sing to Say been a springboard to language. ……it has definitely increased her vocabulary.  The music for her in particular is fabulous so I think you guys are amazing. I’m so excited about this app Sing to Say and when I get the chance I tell everybody and anybody!!       —Maureen – parent to 3 ½ yo twins with ASD. Daughter is non-verbal

That’s what has me so excited about your app…..finally – some innovation that is exciting and new.”  Bonnie – parent son is nine years of age, in grade 4 in a part-time autism program


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 What Teachers and Therapists  are Saying 

(From Apple App Store Reviews)

Early education and inclusive education provider  

Sing to Say is a very special app. I’m a speech-language pathologist who works with students with special needs and I can appreciate Sing to Say for so many reasons. Sing to Say uses fun characters, animation, music, and song to teach diverse core and fringe words.

Early inclusive educator

Unique and fun way to approach first words

I love the music and the animation of this App! This is so much fun for early learners and a great alternative to flat pictures that we have in PECS and other ACC programs. Love it and the kids do too.

Music really makes this app

There is such a big difference in how this app uses music to help kids with autism to speak. There are apps that teach words but this app really uses music and animation in a special way. I love the way that a child can learn a word this way, and then add a word to their “sentence builder”. Really impressive and a great basic “kit” of words! Can’t wait for even more!

We love the music features

This is a wonderful tool and works so well with our other apps. Our children love music and Sing to Say is helping them learn words. We’re so excited! Thank you! – Kristine

Boston Speech Language Pathologist

We love data and its objective and you can show parents and educators how they’re moving through it (Sing to Say), that’s great. I really liked how it shows what modules the child is accessing, that was a great feature!


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"We know kids can often sing what they cannot say. Our goal is to provide a path for all children with learning challenges or not, to learn words through music and gain independent speech."

 -Stacie Carroll, co-creator of Sing to Say.*
Special needs educator at the Toronto District School Board, Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Teacher of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children. 

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“We created songs in all different styles and instrumentation. The lyrics were created to appeal to children of all ages and convey meaning to every early learner.”

-Neil Smolar, co-founder of Sing to Say. 
Composer, musician and teacher. Gemini award winning producer of interactive content for children in partnership with PBS Kids Play, BBC Kids, Scholastic, National Geographic Kids and Discovery. Music educator at Berklee College of Music, Boston and the University of Montreal.

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We pair sight words with songs and animation

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We teach directly what words mean

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We test for and retention and understanding

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Playful engagement to enhance learning

We’d love for you and your child to try Sing to Say!

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