Fun with Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills work is important for many children with autism…but it definitely doesn’t have to be boring!  Here are some great ideas to make fine motor skill practice fun!

  • Making a necklace or bracelet – try threading beads, cut up straws or even tube pasta on pipe cleaners or string.
  • Button sorting – give your child an egg carton with the spaces coloured to correspond with the colours of the buttons. Have your child put the correct button in the correct space.
  • Stacking small blocks – encourage your little ones to build a tower with small blocks. See how high they can stack them!
  • Sticking stickers – stickers are colourful, inexpensive and, most importantly, fun! Sticking stickers to make crafts, pictures or just on paper is a great way to encourage fine motor skills practice.
  • Cutting and pasting –grab a pair of child-safe scissors and some non-toxic glue and encourage your child to create a work of art.
  • Put puzzles together – not only do puzzles encourage shape recognition and patience, they’re also excellent for fine motor skills.
  • Sponge painting – cut a simple kitchen sponge into many different shapes and grab some nontoxic paint. Have your child grasp the sponges like a stamp, dip them into the paint and get creative.

Remember to make your child’s fine motor skill practice fun and engaging!

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