Create Your Own Sensory Bin!

Some kids with autism love sensory play. Whether it’s rice or sand or water play, here are several ideas for sensory bins you can make at home!

What you’ll need:

A shallow, wide plastic bin
Tools for pouring (watering can, measuring cups, plastic shovel, pail)
Fun toys to hide

Super Splashy– Fill your container with warm water, food colouring and bubbles for a super sensory experience!

Perfect Pompoms –Add a ton of fluffy fun to your bin with a bag of multicolored pompoms!

Sand Box– This is a box best used outside because it can get a bit messy. Add plain sand or colored sand for extra excitement.

Pasta Time– You can choose whether to color your pasta, or just leave it plain. You can add all different types of pasta for a variety of textures.

Delightful dough – Make an extra-large batch of homemade play dough. Add cookie cutters, a rolling pin, beads and google eyes for a whole lot of creative fun!

If there’s a special day coming up, you can customize your child’s sensory bin and make it extra-memorable! Think about a snowy scene made from cotton balls in the winter, a spring bin using fresh or fake flowers, or a birthday bin using beads, play dough and candles! The possibilities are endless!

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