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When you want to introduce something new to your child, it’s great to remember that music is an excellent bridge between the familiar and the unfamiliar. If you, like many parents, wish your child would try new foods, why not use the Sing to Say app to make that introduction? We’ve got a wide variety of food words and songs in various packs.

When a child tries a new food, it often takes them several tries before they enjoy it. Using Sing to Say to associate a particular food with a song can help to make it familiar and fun. Here’s how to do it: first, show your child the food in the app and listen to the song. Then, head to the table or kitchen and show your child the food in real life. Be sure to sing the song as you show them the food!

Here are some more tips to help expand your child’s menu:

  1. When your child is eating foods they already like, try adding a little bit of the new food to their plate. Sometimes having familiar food close by encourages kids to try something different. You can try this at snack time or meal time (sometimes it’s easier at snack time, as it’s usually more relaxed than a formal meal).
  2. Even if your child isn’t ready to take a bite right away, offer them a new food to lick, sniff, and touch. It might take lots of tries to get that first real taste!
  3. If your child has a preference for texture (chewy, crunchy, soft), try adding new foods that fit into that category. They might be more interested to eat something that’s similar in texture to what they already like. The same goes for general flavor. Does your child prefer salty snacks? Maybe they like sweet instead of savory. When you build upon things they already like, they are more likely to try something new.
  4. Kids are often more willing to try foods that they help to prepare. If you can, have your child assist you in the kitchen (even if that means stirring or mixing or putting food out on a plate). You can also look through cookbooks with your child and see if anything strikes their fancy.
  5. When you’re shopping for groceries, encourage your child to help pick out produce or a new food to try. You can either let them guide the way, or limit their choices to a specific section or area of the grocery store.
  6. Try serving food on a fun plate or in a new way – maybe with dip or cut into interesting shapes.

And when your child is successful, be sure to sing their praises!

We’re always adding new words and songs to Sing to Say, so if a food you love isn’t in the app yet, it just might be in the future!

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